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Intercom systems
Structured Wiring







Technologies provides builders with the necessary broadband wiring, telephone, cable and data foundation. We ensure the home is connected to today’s services and prepared for new technological advancements in communication and video services in the years to come.

Wiring Components

Service Center (central distribution hub)


The service center efficiently distributes the communication and video services, such as specialized telecom, video or data modules throughout the home.


The service center is where outside phone, data, and video services enter the home.

High Performance Cables
bulletThe system includes RG6 quad shield coaxial cable for television and video and enhanced Category-5 (CAT5e) cable for telephone and data.
bulletQuad shielding provides maximum protection from interference with your television picture and capabilities for HDTV.
bulletEnhanced Category-5 cable provides high-speed data and communication access with up to four phone lines without interference.

High Performance Outlets
bulletSpecialized outlets in each room determine which services are available in each particular room.
bulletProper installation of these outlets ensures that the high-performance wiring behind the walls is able to work at maximum levels.


Configurations are unlimited, Choose up to 6 different connection types per single plate







Service Center









Hig Performance Outlets




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