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Burglar Alarm System Options


protect property and product with water and freezer alarms


Quality Honeywell Integrated Home Control and Security System

Burglary, Fire, Heat low temperature and Carbon Monoxide Monitoring


An AlarmNET Total Connect capableradio back-up to your traditional telephone based monitoring used as a primary or secondary method of alarm signals transmission in the event of telephone line failure due to criminal activity or telephone company equipment failure. Remember if the phone line is dead signals cannot reach the alarm center.


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Additional items that can be added to the basic system include:




Smoke Detectors are required by many building codes. They can be wired to the security panel. If the smoke detectors go  into alarm, the security panel will notify the central monitoring

station if smoke is detected.

Panic Buttons can be hand-held and should be located in strategic places such as next to beds and doors; just punching the button will send a message to the central monitoring station for help. Homeowners may choose to have the panic button send the alarm as a silent alarm or sound the alarms within the house.

Pressure Mats can be placed under rugs and react to pressure from footsteps activating the alarm.










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