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Countywide is a security systems integrator. System Integration includes:

bulletCommercial, Burglar Alarm systems
bulletAlarmnet GSM radio backup
bulletFire alarm system integration
bulletCarbon monoxide gas alarms
bulletFreezer Failure Alarms to protect your products
bulletPower Failure Monitoring
bulletWater or moisture sensors in case of flood
bulletHoldup, panic or emergency alarms
bulletClosed Circuit Television CCTV
bulletInternet web based viewing
bulletAccess control

All are effective in preventing loss of life and property. Countywide will provide a professional and custom design solution which will meet you specific needs

Construction Site Portable Alarm Systems our specialty

(No Phone lines are needed for alarm reporting)


Did you know that a standard alarm system uses your home or business working telephone line to transmit signals to the monitoring center and if your phone line becomes inoperatable due to failure or criminal activity it is impossible for the signals to reach the alarm center?


AlarmNET fixes this issue, see videos below



Honeywell 7845gsm alarmnet radio backup to telephone line alarm monitoring





  Professional custom security systems for home & business  





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