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Video Security Cameras: Why Everyone Should Have Them


Security CCTV cameras are becoming an increasingly popular way for the public to protect property and people.

Gone are the days when a business would install "dummy" cameras as a deterrent because of the liability and law suits which have resulted from this practice.

Rather, most video security systems almost always consist of several cameras, even if only one is visible. They can be concealed in many places, including smoke detectors, telephones, exit signs and even in the frames of artwork hanging on the wall.

More and more businesses are moving to DVR, Digital Surveillance systems over conventional analog VCR based systems. The Digital Video Surveillance System replaces the older out of date time-lapse tape recorder with one centralized system, which can be accessed and controlled through the web from several locations. Because the system is automated, there is no need to replace the old video cassette tapes which allows minimum intervention from the system controller.

Digital Video Recorder technology allows fast, simple access to recorded events without having to fast forward and rewind to find an incident. With fewer moving parts than VCRs, Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) typically have reduced maintenance costs and may last longer. Recorded events are stored on the digital video hard drive. This advancement allows the elimination of costly VCR tapes that provide reduced clarity and limited longevity.


Faster retrieval times - No more screening through hours and hours of videotape. Utilizing digital CCTV, users can instantly retrieve video. Users can rapidly search events by time, date, location and camera.

Less storage space required - Users may set the system to record when motion or other pre-defined events are detected - so there's no wasted "dead taping". Video is then compressed and efficiently stored to a  hard drive.


Archiving - Important information can be archived to external HDD, CD-R or DVD for later retrieval.

Higher image quality - Digital CCTV provides unbeatable quality. Digital video can be easily enhanced and copied over and over without losing its original quality.

Better quality - Digital Video Recording provides much sharper better quality images to aid in evidence and image recognition.

No Tapes - with analog systems tapes need to be replaced regularly, but digital storage media has an almost unlimited lifetime.

Immune to noise - Digital systems are less affected by noise than analog systems.

Transmit and retrieve stored data - Across town or across the world, video images can be remotely viewed, easily saved, retrieved, displayed, copied, printed, faxed and e-mailed.

Less Obsolescence - Most systems’ software is upgradeable which extends the systems’ lifetime.


Our Nuvico Apex security systems background allows us to analyze the customers needs and to recommend the best surveillance equipment, and Security Cameras to suit your specific needs






The benefits of digital technology include:
• Helps deter shoplifting and employee theft
• Documents events so that your entire business receives greater protection
• Fast and simple access to recorded events
• May reduce maintenance costs and helps improve employee productivity
• May help lower insurance costs and reduce fraudulent liability claims



Options include the ability to burn CDs of recorded events, customize record settings on each camera, motion sensing ability and Internet connectivity. Many expandable system configuration options are available and can be customized to satisfy your budget.





The Multi-Channel DVRs has all the abilities of the single channel recorder and more. These additional abilities include independent recording of 4, 9 or 16 cameras with adjustable parameters for each camera. The triplex functionality allows recording while viewing stored events, and internet connectivity. Standard with a CDRW, the multi-channel DVR offers the most abilities for you to manage your business while offering providing a cost effective surveillance solution.












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