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Analog Cameras









The NSR Series can be used in either a stand-alone system or a client/server configuration, providing flexibility from small to large scale operations. The NSR Series is perfect for a broad range of security applications, in locations such as banks, retail outlets, transportation centers, offices and much more.
These network surveillance recorders offer a wide array of features, including a flexible recording and playback capability, an optional intuitive remote control unit, a user-friendly GUI, Intelligent Motion Detection, and Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera control.
In addition to its sophisticated monitoring functions, the NSR Series network surveillance recorders can support a large number and wide variety of cameras. The NSR-100 supports up to 64 IP cameras



  1. MPEG-4/JPEG support
  2. Remote Operation - With a PC running the supplied RSM Controller software, the NSR Series can be controlled from a remote location.
  3. Privacy masking function
  4. Compatibility with external storage systems (NAS)
  5. User privileges
  6. File export to CD-R/DVD-R/Compact Flash™(CF) Card
  7. Hot-Swap capability
  8. UPS SuppoThe NSR Series can be connected to an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) via the RS-232C interface. This configuration can help prevent data corruption and system shutdown in the event of a power outage





The benefits of digital technology include:
• Helps deter shoplifting and employee theft
• Documents events so that your entire business receives greater protection
• Fast and simple access to recorded events
• May reduce maintenance costs and helps improve employee productivity
• May help lower insurance costs and reduce fraudulent liability claims





Options include the ability to burn CDs of recorded events, customize record settings on each camera, motion sensing ability and Internet connectivity. Many expandable system configuration options are available and can be customized to satisfy your budget.







The Multi-Channel DVRs has all the abilities of the single channel recorder and more. These additional abilities include independent recording of 4, 9 or 16 cameras with adjustable parameters for each camera. The triplex functionality allows recording while viewing stored events, and internet connectivity. Standard with a CDRW, the multi-channel DVR offers the most abilities for you to manage your business while offering providing a cost effective surveillance solution.











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