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Hotel Restaurant & Retail Investigations


Countywide Detective Bureau, Inc. provides in depth spotting service to restaurants and hotels to ensure quality service and standards are being meet. Additionally, our investigators provide investigations into theft and other improprieties


Retail Investigations Today…

Require business-savvy investigators, who know what it means for retailers to live on a thin profit margin. Today's retail investigators need to know their way around a computer, the sales floor and the cash register, because criminals (both internal and external) know your systems as well as you do. Retail loss prevention agents must be well-educated, computer literate and capable of conducting complex theft investigations. Top-quality training for store detectives can only be done by trained experienced people - We are those people.


Why Our Store Detectives…

Our investigators are selected from among educated and articulate candidates, men and women who can present your interests in a manner that is professional and holds your business out to the public in a good light. They are trained by men and women who each have distinguished careers and histories in retail loss prevention, who are recognized as instructors in Retail Loss Prevention, and have excelled, working at the most successful retail institutions in the U.S. Our knowledge is your advantage.







  We realize that your specific needs are unique.  Call or email us today and obtain advise from an investigative professional who will direct you on meeting your objective.  






95% of all businesses experience various degrees of on-going employee theft, often without the knowledge of management.

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