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Internet  Software for Monitoring , Spouse of Children, and Teens


Computer Investigations


Our discreet computer investigation service can provide you with all the information you need to know. Our computer forensic specialist recovers information off a computers hard drive allowing us to recover data (even deleted data), e-mail, internet history, instant messages, and image/picture files.


 This service can be performed on site at your location or the computer can be taken to our office for forensic evaluation. You will be provided with a report of the findings as well as cd copies of pertinent information.



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Spector Professional Edition for Windows - UPDATED!



Now with Web Mail capture! Spector Professional Edition automatically takes hundreds of snapshots every hour AND includes TRUE email capture (even web-based email such as Hotmail, Yahoo mail, etc...), TRUE chat and instant messenger capture, and now includes the world's best Key Logger. In addition, Spector Pro provides IMMEDIATE NOTIFICATION when your loved ones encounter dangerous or inappropriate web sites, emails or chats. Awarded PC Magazine Editors' Choice for best Surveillance Software (July 2002).


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NEW eBlaster 3.0 - Now Records and Automatically Forwards Email! eBlaster lets you know EXACTLY what your employees or family members are doing on the Internet, even if you are thousands of miles away. eBlaster records their emails, chats, instant messages, web sites visited and keystrokes typed -- and then automatically sends this recorded information to your own email address. Additionally, within seconds of them sending or receiving an email, you will receive your own copy of that email.





spoofcard voice changer, spoof caller id



bulletCaller ID Spoofing
bulletVoice Changer
bulletCall Recording
bulletWeb Control Panel

No computer needed! Simply dial the toll free number from the calling card you purchase.


We realize that your specific needs are unique.  Call or email us today and obtain advise from our investigative professionals who will direct you on meeting your objective.





One-third of divorce litigation is caused by online


Only 46% of men believe that online affairs are adultery. Adult websites generate over $1 Billion a year in revenue.

  8-10 percent of Internet users become hooked
on cybersex.







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