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Countywide Detective Bureau is committed to serving the needs of our customers.  We know that our success as a company is, in many ways, contingent upon the success of our clients.  Therefore, our staff conducts every investigation with the understanding that the client’s needs are our needs.  Every case matters. 


Countywide Detective Bureau is also committed to the principles of confidentiality, loyalty, and integrity.  We will not compromise on these principles.  We recognize the sensitive nature of the investigative process and that our customers depend on us to perform our duties in a discrete and professional manner.   


Countywide Detective Bureau is committed to our employees and they are, in turn, committed to the success of the firm.  We realize that the company as a whole is only a reflection of our.  It is also our mission to enjoy what we do and always remain passionate about our work.  By doing so, we believe that our overall mission will be accomplished and that the goals of the customer, the investigative staff and the company will all be met







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